Storage and Warehousing

SHORE TANKS - The RMD-L oil terminal comprises of more than 30 tanks with a total capacity of over 900,000 cbm. The number of tanks are for light and dark oil products storage. All tanks comply with international standards and can be used to store a wide range of petroleum products.


With decade history on sustainability, RMD-L ensure safe, efficient and clean storage and handling of petroleum products for our customers. We operates global network of private fuel storage tanks and blends at strategic locations in Russia and Rotterdam - Netherlands.

Technical Parameters


Vladivostok (other major Russian ports)


Storage, Leasing and Freight/Logistics

Number of Tanks



Vessel tankers, bulk carrier, barge & rail

Coverage area

> 300 acres

Tank Capacity

15,000 cbm - 600,255 cbm

Total Storage Capacity

> 960,000 cbm

Tank type

Carbon & Steel

Heating Facility

120 MW automated thermal oil boiler

Technical Management

RMD-L has a wide and long experiences working with fuel oil. Our vast technical advisers are ready and capable to assist with operational difficulties in handling and clearance of products and vessels.

Global customs handling is a key element of doing international business. It is important to know the import and export regulations of the countries you are planning to do business with to assure there are no unexpected events. RMD-L will assist in finding the best fitting solution for the most competitive rates.