Taking care of the products and logistics in our
management as if they were our own


We realize our philosophy by offering so called ‘full-service storage management’.

Which means that all services necessary for the handling and storage of petroleum products are represented within our organization. We can provide analysis of costs and handling methods in detail at any time and moment. Looking for more than a manager for your warehousing and storage?

Driven by passion and experience.

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About RMD-L
A Storage and
Shipping Company

LLC "RMD-L" is a young dynamically developing company, founded in 2013 by a team of professionals as a logistics and warehouse company.

We are a pioneering independent company dealing with the reception, storage and forwarding of bulk liquids, including logistics solutions. As a shipping management company, we manage various ships for various purposes to our numerous and prospective customers.

RMD-L started its operations a decade ago in Vladivostok region of Russia as a small logistics company, but has gradually developed into a well-known independent storage, logistics and shipping company.

RMD-L maintains high standards and effective safety and environmental protection systems appropriate to its type of business.


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