Employment Opportunity

Visionaries can dream of a new island off the coast, but RMD-L can make this dream a reality. It requires entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, team spirit, and above all: RMD-L ingenuity. The people we're looking for to join our team don't simply apply their knowledge, but also add their ingenuity. Are you a motivated, enterprising professional or starter and do you have a passion for water, oil and technology? Take a look at our vacancy overview or read the information about the RMD-L traineeship, the internship and graduation projects or experience stories. RMD-L would like to meet you at one of the events listed below.


We offer competitive compensation and benefits such as:

  • Health care, dentistry, vision
  • Health savings account
  • Accident and disabilities insurance
  • Business travel accident insurance
  • Paid holiday and leave (vacation, sickness, bereavement, and floating vacations)

Our belief in human resource management and the philosophy that guides us:

  • "Creating and developing a safe and dynamic, people-centered work environment based on honesty, respect, open communication and personal growth, with the ultimate goal of creating a highly motivated workforce that is determined to deliver consistent excellence."
  • Success in today's energy landscape requires innovation, continuous improvement and a drive for change.
  • As a growth-driven mid-tier company, we are committed to retaining and attracting talent, developing leaders and rewarding results.
  • Are you an energetic, results-oriented person? If yes, please send your resume to our HR department at recruitment@rmd-l.com


Have you just finished your studies? Do you want to start your career with a leading marine contractor, but are you not done learning yet? Do you want to continue to develop yourself through training and on the job experience? Then The RMD-L Traineeship is definitely for you!

As a trainee you experience world-class maritime projects up close, with a strong focus on sustainability and your development. Your personal and professional growth is central. Your traineeship manager and business mentor will help you get the best out of yourself for a great start to your career at RMD-L!.

The RMD-L Traineeship has two tracks: a technical track and a management track. The upcoming traineeship in February 2022 concerns a technical track.

Internship and Graduates.

Are you looking for an exciting internship or graduation assignment? At RMD-L, there are plenty of opportunities to jump-start your career, gain experience during an internship or abroad or test your skills during a graduation project.

We offer:

As an international hydraulic engineer, RMD-L is always looking for smart, talented students who want to do an internship with us or do a graduation project. In principle, RMD-L offers students an internship/graduation allowance. RMD-L arranges the following for trainees and graduates who are stationed abroad:

  • - the journey to your destination and back - accommodation - meals or a meal allowance - necessary vaccinations - a visa, if necessary - information about the destination.